A burst of energy with “Allegra Combriccola”

Let yourself be wrapped by the energy of Allegra Combriccola collection, that can turn everyday into a party helping you to face the everyday life with a smile.
A collection thought for everyone who want to add a lively touch to every moment spent at the table. It is perfect for the children which want to make every meal a play moment, but also for adults who wish to pull the routine out.
A happy and harmonious table, with American placemats, bowls, sugar pots and cups with a wonderful pattern that is able to make your breakfast a real moment of light-heartedness.
During lunch time, the liveliness of Allegra Combriccola explodes in a porcelain 18 pcs dinner set, where each piece is decorated with fruits and vegetable which come to life by way of funny animals.
And for an afternoon tea or an evening tea? Lovely mug will transform every sip in a small puff of happiness!
In an increasingly stressful and frenetic world, Allegra Combriccola collection reminds us of the importance to calm down and relax a little bit. It reminds us to give us a relaxing breakfast or a funny lunch: these behaviors can make the difference in facing daily issued, with positive vibes!


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