Back to School: start again at your best!

It’s time to get schoolbags ready, go back to the desks and meet your friends again: it’s time to go back to school!

It’s again the time of the ringing alarm clocks, and of lazybones which won’t wake up in the morning. Well, don’t panic: with The Voice alarm clock, the awakening will definitively dance to a different drum! The Voice alarm clock is able to record every kind of voice, music and sound using them instead of the conventional ding ding! You can choose the song that better represent your summer, the sound of the sea or the voice of those you love: just pick the sound you prefer and start the day at your best!

For the back to school day in the most friendly atmosphere, get the breakfast table ready with the colourful Allegra Combriccola collection, where funny animals will peep out from fruits and vegetables embellishing american place mats, bowls, cups, mug and sugar pots! The whole family won’t stop smiling, with a similar table!

For a fresh and full of energy restart, Brandani suggests precious allied. You can use juicers to realize succulent juices that will give you the right boost, use the stainless steel and borosilicate glass cereal dispenser to always collect the right quantity of cereals, prepare a tasty breakfast of eggs and bread thanks to the toast and cook appliance or a cappuccino as in the bar by using the Schiumotto warm and whip tool!

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