Glass Furnishing: New Brandani’s jars collection

Glass is an art form: a bright, ancient and vibrant material that molds itself to every kind of backgrounds, from the classics to the modern ones.

Brandani’s home collection is now presenting a brand-new set of colorful and beautifully designed blown glass jars. Special items with particular shapes and colors: every vase become the main character of every room where it’s placed capturing eyes and attentions.

Dorico collection is made of minimal designed vases available in eight different color shades which generate fascinating light effects creating a lively and young atmosphere. The jars keep the magic of the artisan production, reinterpreting it with creativity and originality. Every jar has a unique style!

In Bombay collection, beauty lies in the sinuous and refined shapes and in the bright colors which give to these jars a modern and captivating appearance. Next to the transparent glass, you will find three intense colors: clay-red, sand and turquoise will be ready to create a cozy atmosphere wherever they are.

Brandani’s jars will perfectly fit with every living space -from the classic to the modern ones- ready to amaze thanks to their refinement and simplicity.


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